Beautiful perennial covering the lots 

Property for Sale in Poynette, WI

Check out these stunning pictures of our property for sale in Poynette, WI.

Building a home requires a solid foundation. That starts with the land it’s built on, so choosing the right property is essential to ensure your house stands the test of time. There are many options to choose from throughout the area, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about any lots that catch your eye.

Here at Loveland Estates, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in finding the right spot for your home out of the many real estate properties we have for sale. With our beautiful, picturesque landscapes, there are endless possibilities when it comes to building a home. If country living is what you desire, our land is the perfect fit for you.

Rural Real Estate

When you’re searching for rural land lots for sale, you can count on our experienced professionals to help you determine the right one for your needs. We can show you any currently available property, giving you a better idea of how your home might look once completed. Consult with one of our staff members if you’re interested in our lands.

Loveland Estates is committed to your complete satisfaction, so you can expect us to work closely with you to find the right rural property for sale. No matter the size or scope of your vision, you can rest assured that we have the vistas that fit your project.

Sunset from Our Property for Sale, Poynette, WI

Red Fox roaming the lots

Lots 6, 5, and 4